Tuesday, January 10, 2012

One Day Target Insert Sale

I have a few sets of these Target Inserts that Expire this week, 1/14/12.  These inserts coinside with the J&J coupons from either the SS1b or SS2b Inserts.  If I mail these tomorrow, You could have them for this weekend.  The button is on the side of the blog with the other inserts for purchase.

Below is the list of coupons

ACUVUE Buy 9 months ofOASYS contact lenses, get 3 months free
Aveeno $1/1 18oz baby item
Aveeno/Neutrogena $1/1 hair care item est
Aveeno/Neutrogena $2/1 facialmoisturizer item est
Aveeno/Neutrogena/Clean& Clear $1/1facial cleanser or acne treatment excludes bars and trial sizes
Aveeno/Neutrogena/Lubriderm$1/1hand or body skin care item ets
Band-Aid $.25/1 6ct+adhesive bandages ets
Bengay $.50/1 3oz ZeroDegrees menthol pain relief gel
Carefree $1/1 feminine careitem ets
Cortaid $.50/1 1.5ozadvanced 12 hour anti-itch cream
Desitin $.50/1 4oz+ diaperrash treatment
Johnson's Baby $.50/1 8oz+ bath orskin care item excludes shampoo and natural items
K-Y $.50/1 intimacy item
Lactaid $1/1 60ct ultracaplets
Listerine $.75/1 1 liter+mouthwash
Neosporin $.50/1 originalantibiotic ointment
Neutrogena $2/1 face cosmeticitem excludes eye and lip items
o.b. $1/1 feminine careitem ets
OneTouch $10/1 blood glucosemeter
Red Cross First Aid$.50/210yd 1/2" waterproof tape
RoC $3/2 skin careitems
Rogaine $3/1 topicalsolution or foam ets
Splenda $1/1 80 or 100ctsweetener packs
Stayfree $1/1 feminine careitem ets
Tylenol $1.50/1 Precisepain relief item ets
Viactiv $1/1 100ct calciummilk chocolate soft chews
Visine $.25/1 Totalitymulti-symptom eye drops
Zyrtec $2/1 12ct+ adultallergy relief item

ets = Excludes Trial Size

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