Thursday, December 29, 2011

Stay Tuned - 1/1/12 Paypal Buttons coming soon.

I am working on them now......Inserts are limited this week as we are trying to get back into the swing....get the pre orders in as soon as you feel you need them.

Pricing will be going up slightly in 2012 as it is costing me more to get them delivered.  I kept it pretty low still to try and remain the lowest cost service per insert, even with shipping included.

This week reflects the service pricing change and on 1/22/12 the US Postal Service will be raising there rates.  In total - your orders will only be about $1.25 more this year for 10 inserts.  That is 12cent increase.  Not toooo bad.

Just using one 75 cent or larger coupon in each insert makes your money back and the rest is gravy....especially if your store doubles.

Dont forget to check out the standing order and monthly order options to save a few cents.


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