Thursday, December 22, 2011

Amazon-A-Thon December Winners List

Congrats to all of the winners for December.  See ya in January for the new month. 

Coupon Frenzy Mom-$5 Anita 
Capri's Coupons-$25-tracy simms 
Debbie Does Coupons-$5-Emma Kesner 
Go Momma Coupons-$5-Elena Smith 
My Couportiera-$5-Emma Kesner 
Freebie Princess-$5-Karen Smith 
Frugal Wallets-$5-Andrea Anderson 
The Deal Matchmaker-$5-darlene bohannon 
Smart Spending Spot-$5-Michelle Hayden 
Couponing Away Debt-$5-Sarah Connor 
Coupon Spice-$5-Fe Mangaliag 
Saving With Scissors-$5-Claudia Smigel 
Centsible Stewardship-$10-amy erstad 
Wic Project-$5-Brynn Dexter 
Clever Coupon Cents-$5-Kerri Clark 
Deal Dishing Moms-$5-Danielle Johnson 
Coupon Pro-$5-becky rogers
Yummy Boy Mummy Saving Money-$5-Allison Downes 
Adventures in Coupons-$5-Melissa P. 
Fabulous Deals and Steals-$5-Amy Gutgsell  
Teach Me 2 Save-$5-Ann Fudge 
The Clever Clipper-$5-Jessica Mcghee 
JustFindIt4U-$10-Marie Channing 
Ask Away-$5-Cindy Merrill 
Wrap to Lose Inches with Jolene-$5-Tammy Dalton 
Savin' It Up-$10-mindi williamson 
Two Savvy Sisters-$10-TRINEEN THOMPSON 
Shopper's Haul-$5-Linda J 
Mark Your Savings With E- $5-Crystal Akers

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