Monday, November 21, 2011

Holiday Safety - Put Your Junk In Your Trunk

Protect yourself from auto Break-Ins....
Get in the HABIT: Halt Auto Break-Ins Today!

Valuable left in sight of others are a contributing facotr in auto break0ins today.  The Police asks you to "Put Your Junk in Your Trunk"

Start the habit of securing your vehicle by leaving items at home or putting them into your trunk before reaching your destination.  By doing these simple tasks you can reduce the chances of having your car broken into.

Follow these tips to safeguard persons/property:
  • ALWAYS park in a well-lit spot at a meter, surface lot or garage.
  • ALWAYS enter and exit your vehicle with caution especially at night.
  • NEVER leave anything visible inside your vehicle!  Secure personal items such as GPS system, shopping bags, loose change, gym bags/purses, sunglasses, a cell phone, brief cases and electronics even if they are contained in a case.
  • ALWAYS lock your doors and roll up your windows.  Set your alarms when exiting vehicles as a deterrent.
  • ALWAYS carry a small purse which can be worn closely to the body.  A shoulder strap across the shoulder and chest works well.
  • ALWAYS have your keys in hand when approaching your vehicle to avoid searching for them with packages in hand and children in tow.
  • ALWAYS call 911 for Police Assistance.

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