Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sad Day Here

I had to take a family pet to be put down. (long story but had to do it alone) So I am not very talk-a-tive and such today.  Dont feel like posting much.  I will be working on getting orders ready for Monday mailing.

One fun thing that was planned today is at 4pm I get to meet the gang from Ghost Hunters.  This will be fun.....if I dont start crying UGH.

So anyway, instead of whining ....I will be off and on emails if there are any order questions.  If I dont get to you right away, you'll know why.




  1. So sorry to hear. I know our kitties are part of our family and how upsetting it would be to lose one. Maybe the Ghost Hunter visit will help a little to keep you distracted. :-(

  2. I am sorry about your loss. I had to put down one of our cats last year, and it was really hard on me too. Take care.