Sunday, October 30, 2011

PG is sold out already BUT.....

I am expected to know how many more I can get soon.  As soon as I know, I will make a post about it....thanks.


  1. Any Update??? TIA!

  2. Hi...I am getting more...wont be able to mail until Thurs/Friday...which might be better to save money and have them mailed with next week's coupons on Monday. Its up to you. These ones I am getting are from Region 1 - Not #2 like I usually get. They might have SLIGHT differences....wont know til tomorrow. Sorry, these are always harder to get.

  3. Any still left? Missed them the first time around & apparently for the restock. :-/ Gonna be ordering last week's SS & RP and the new 11/6, hoping the PG are available too.. hate to have to order it somewhere else and pay shipping twice. Please let me know - thanks :)