Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Extreme Couponing Article Everyone should read

Here ia an article written by Rasha at A Full Cup.  It is a good prespective about Extreme Couponing that most people don't think about and everyone should read.

Extremely Unrealistic Expections – Let’s Get Real About Extreme Couponing
I am a huge supporter of couponing and getting the most for your money but I am totally against Extreme Couponing the way the show portrays it.  How about the lady (I think it was Jennifer in season one finale) who had a closet full, 70+ bottles of Soda? Seriously....who needs 70 bottles??? IF you actually drank it before it went flat, you would be 400 pounds with teeth rotting out and borderline diabetic.  When you think about it - it promotes an unhealthy life style.  And this lady was helping her daughter in law start her own stockpile....my word!!!! This lady could have just GIVEN her DIL 1/3 of what she had and she would already have a "stockpile".
I feel guilty if I have 20 of somthing on my shelves.  When I get it that high, I give to my retired mom, my grown children in the 20s still making their way Or the single mom I work with who has 4 young children.  Plus other family & friends.
I could go on and on....these are my opinions. 
I just wanted to share the article. 

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