Thursday, August 11, 2011

Money Making/Saving Tip - Reposted for "newbies"

Some of you might think - what do I need with so many inserts? I only need one or two coupons from each one. (referring to the fact that I sell inserts in sets of 5)

Here is a good tip - when you buy 2 sets of inserts, 5 RP and 5 SS, you take all of the extra coupons and cut them up. You then make 4 or 5 envelopes with 100 mixed coupons. You don't want doubles so you can use coupons from previous inserts to make the 100 total. Ebay does not allow more than 100 mixed to be sold in any one envelope, if they catch it, they take it down. These envelopes sell usually from $2 to $5. This is a good way to make back money you spent on the inserts.

Good tips though so you dont get bad remarks and people stop buying from you are:

1) make sure the coupons have plenty of time before they expire, and;

2) make sure you have about 60/65 % food and 40/35% other coupons.

Another thing you can do is if you are buying 2 sets of the same insert (or more), You can makes sets of 10 (or more) individual coupons to sell on ebay. ie 10 Similac coupons. First do your homework and make sure that the coupon is a hot item, obviously one that you dont need. You dont want to list it if you dont think it will sell. A good example is the $5 Similac Coupon from the 4/3 SS. You might not need the coupon so it would be smart to list them on ebay. They are money making coupons at Walmart. They have been selling for around $7 to $10. Ebay only allows 20 identical individual coupons to be sold in one auction. They will take it down if it is more.

This might help you to justify purchasing whole inserts as appossed to the clipping services. Most clipping services have a $3 minimum plus shipping. Your forced to buy more than you probably want anyway...this way you can make some money back.

You wont make a ton of money but if you let the ebay account build up...then your coupons eventially pay for themselves and you dont have to dip into your "house money". Which in a sense is a savings too.

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  1. That's a really nice tip! I was wondering if I should start doing RAOK envelopes with the coupons I don't use, and while I'm pretty wary of eBay, it would be great to have a "money pool" for inserts, especially if it's somewhat self-sustaining!