Saturday, August 6, 2011

8/7 Target Insert Preview

All $1/1 laundry detergent etsBertolli $.75/1 15oz+ pasta sauce
Bertolli $1.50/1 21.7 24oz frozen meal
Dove $1/1 hair care item: shampoo, conditioner, or hairspray ets
Dove $1/1 Ultimate deodorant ets
Kleenex $1/1 4 or 6 pack facial tissue excludes pocket packs
POND'S $1.50/1 facial care item ets
Q-tips $1/1 285ct+ cotton swabs
SC Johnson Free 4ct Ziploc medium square container with purchase of 3 SC Johnson items: 40 or 46ct Ziploc freezer bags, Scrubbing Bubbles cleaning products or Windex cleaning products  ets
Skippy $.75/1 15oz+ peanut butter
Snuggle $1/1 fabric softener liquid or sheets ets
Surf $1/1 powder laundry detergent
Viva $1.50/1 8-pk+ paper towels
Wish-Bone $1.50/2 7oz+ dressings
Wisk $1/1 liquid laundry detergent ets


  1. Hi Kim. I think you may not be getting my emails. I got the wrong inserts last week, and I have emailed you a couple times. Maybe my emails are going to your spam folder???? Please let me know. Jodie Arvizu Thanks.

  2. As you know, things are good now. Just a miscommunication. Thanks though Jodi for being patient. Last week was crazy with 7 inserts. Whew

  3. Do you have the target insert for sale?

  4. How do you get the inserts from Target? All I get is an ad in the newspaper