Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Region 1 vs. Region 2 Inserts

There have been a few questions on these so I thought I would make a post.

First, it does not matter which region you buy, they are good all over the US as long as your store carries the product.

Second, I only label them this way so show that there are different ones.  There are weekly previews listed that has the coupons and what each region has in it.  You should review and then place your order.

I list these as soon as I know what's in them....but I dont have them to ship until the Monday after they come out...that is why it is a Pre-Sale, Pre-Order.

Please remember that the inserts are free what you are paying for is my takes alot of TIME to gather these, answer emails, maintain my standing order spreadsheet, update the blog, mail preparation and taking them to the post office.

Thanks to those who emailed and I am always around to answer more questions.

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