Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Order Shipments

I am unable to access facebook from work so I am posting here for a current comment AND to make sure everyone understands that all orders ship on Mondays.  Orders paid for after 3pm on Mondays will then ship Tuesdays.

Wed & Thurs evenings I take time out for myself & family.  Fri/Sat & Sun if I am not out of town, I am home getting ready for Monday again.

IF I can start offering inserts again on the blog.....I will make sure this is clear and to remind all.  I like to try to be clear so that you know what to expect.  Like all businesses, there are some kinks to work out and I am trying my best. 

Please remember this is a part time "hobby".  I had opportunity to help others and make a couple dollars for my time spent.  Thanks and have a great day.

1 comment:

  1. Kim, I think it's great what you do. Please don't let others discourage you. You cannot please everyone and those who you cannot please do not deserve your time.

    Leslie (Anne) Stephen