Monday, May 9, 2011

Update/News from Virtapay

We have both good and bad news to share today…

First, the good news.

Stage 1 of the Digital Delivery (DD) project is now ready to launch. Our programmers have resolved all of the issues and the new features are technically ready for users to begin testing.

The bad news?

We cannot launch Stage 1 quite yet. The new features that will be opened by the launch require some additions to our Terms of Service. The legal team is still working on the wording of these new sections.

The outlook…

As soon as this final bit is ready, we will issue an announcement that Stage 1 of the Digital Delivery project has launched. We expect that to happen this week. Although we knew delays were possible, and warned of this, we still wish to extend our sincere apology to our dedicated users for the delays we have encountered in preparing to launch Stage 1.

Thanks for participating as we work to take VirtaPay to the next level!

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