Monday, May 23, 2011

Shipping for Free at Amazon

This was shared with me by a reader.  These are not my words below....just a great tip.

You may have noticed that we occasionally post HOT deals that are listed on Amazon. Many of the deals that we post, Caity and I buy. As you can imagine, this can add up fast. We don’t worry about it though because we shop for FREE on Amazon, and you can too!

It’s simple really. There are numerous websites out there that will give you FREE Amazon gift cards for doing very little (if anything) in return. We use many of them to earn our Amazon cards and then spend them on anything we want or need. You wouldn’t BELIEVE all of the goodies i’ve purchased and paid NOTHING for!

Interested in shopping like we do without spending a dime? Then you should sign up to the following websites and snag yourself some FREE Amazon gift cards!!

Crowdtap: Earn Amazon gift cards PLUS Free full sized samples!
Swagbucks: Earn digital dollars for searching the web and redeem them for FREE Amazon gift cards (or other prizes if you prefer).
Zoombucks: Just like swagbucks.

Irazoo: Another one like swagbucks and zoombucks.

For instance.. here’s a screen cap (click to enlarge it) of a recent order of mine (with my personal info blacked out). Notice in red I have circled my grand total. That’s what I paid… $0! Without my FREE Amazon gift cards, my total would have been $211!!! Yikes! But, we needed a way to sort laundry (we’re a family of 7 so you can imagine the piles we have) and also some new towel / bath sheets. The 2 laundry sorters came to $89.98 and the 6 bath sheets (3 two packs) came to $121.02. Thanks goodness for Amazon gift cards right?

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