Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More Inserts added to Inventory

I have acquired more and have listed them in inventory.

These will be great to combine shipping with the PG which I can mail all on Thursday.  If you are a standing order customer, your PG will be mailed with your 5/8 Inserts unless you email me and want to pay for shipping to get them earlier.

Thanks all.

Here is what I have added tonight. (you can check the weekly previews to see what is included in them.  I do not have the Pepsi insert-unfortunately)

25 Sets of 5/1 SS #1
30 Sets of 5/1 SS #2
25 Sets of 5/1 RP
70 Sets of 5/1 PG
30 Sets of 4/17 RP #1 (mens nivea which expire the 14th)

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