Monday, May 2, 2011

Helping Victims of the recent Tornados

Below is an email I received from one of my standing order customers.  If you would like to help tornado victims but do not know anyone personally, here is a link for you to look into. 

Hi Kim,

Thanks, I tried to send an email from my phone when I paid the paypal amount but couldn't send it.

We live in North Alabama that was affected by the massive number of tornados last week. We just got power yesterday and received limited cell internet service on Saturday when i paid you for the coupons. I was planning on paying with my paycheck and then we lost power wednesday night... anyway we are truly blessed to live in an area that was spared from the tornados, we have huge trees down in our neighborhood, but not even ten miles away entire communities are leveled due to a tornado that destroyed it.. it has been heartwrenching but since we received power yesterday and went to church we found out about a huge relief effort going on that we are getting involved in now.

It is going to be a long road ahead for the areas hit hardest. My church is raising money to get to people who need more than food, water, diapers (which is what is greatly being distributed currently) they are hitting the streets and handing out gift cards to walmart so these people can buy underwear and clothes or toiletries or anything they need and have been without. They have been getting help to people since Friday and then realized the need for cash was the greatest here and started asking for help and the outpouring of support has been huge.

If you or anyone else are wanting to make a difference right now you can support this also by donating to the Crosspoint Relief Fund. Here is our pastor's blog explaining all that has been going on so far and the relief effort.

Thanks and take care!

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