Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Extreme Couponing - What they DONT Tell ya!

Here is a wonderful Article shared with me. It was written by one of the Admins at the blog A Full Cup. I was asked to share it. I Love it!

I am only posting the Paragraph titles, you can visit the blog for the full article.

1. It Takes Time to Coupon
2. Extreme Couponing Isn’t for Everyone
3. Extreme Couponers DO Pay for Groceries
4. Free Groceries Aren’t “Free”
5. Store Policies Vary
6. Extremely Entertaining
7. Donating Instead of Hoarding
8. Mistakes Do Happen
9. Extreme Couponing Websites
10. Overnight Success is Unlikely

Well, now that you’re feeling back to reality, don’t despair! You can learn to use coupons to save big on your grocery bill, whether or not you want to be an “extreme couponer.” Start with our “Learn AFullCup in 10 Steps” and you’ll quickly get the hang of coupons and how to use our website to make the most of your savings without having to do all of the work yourself.

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