Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Extreme Couponing on TLC - WIll you Watch?

I will NOT be watching this show.  I do not want to show my support.  I am very afraid of how much of a bad light it puts couponers in.  This show cannot be about your typical couponer...from what I have seen....these people look like hoarders.

Last year I was able to get over 1,200 (between two different deals, Mighty Dog and Beneful) cans of Dog/Cat food.  I did not go and clean out the shelves....I got about 60 at a time from 3 different stores.  I would go each Saturday and Sunday. 

We donated about 600 cans to the local shelter.   I also gave my mom about that many cans.  She was not working and had two dogs (both were old and has since passed).  Since the dogs are gone, she gave 1/2 of what is left to a neighbor who was unemployed and the other 1/2 she uses for about 10 feral cats on her land.  2 of my daughters have cats (4 total) and I have a cat.  We used what we got free.

Tuna/Pasta/Rice...that is another that I probably got 300 each OVER TIME. But once again, I gave it away to people.

Whenever there is a chance for freebies, I get 20 to 40 of them BUT I am always making "goodie bags" for friends and family. Not creating a lil mini mart in my garage or basement.  I got tons of Dayquil/Nyquill this year.  I brought them into work for people.  The Halls and Maalox too.  I work at an accounting firm.  40 people working like crazy.  Figured I could try to help keep them healthy.

OK...I am done ranting now.  LOL


  1. Hello! I have ordered from your site and think your service is awesome! I think the people featured on the Extreme Couponing show started off as "regular couponers" like us but have been encouraged to exaggerate for the cameras. They saw a payoff to show people how much they can save. I doubt they make purchases like that every week. You have to consider they are being paid a decent amount by TLC to show how "extreme" they are....

  2. Heather, you are probably correct. TLC would make sure to show the extreme side of it....I just hate how it makes the average coupon "queen" look. I am not a hoarder - but I do get thousands free and share with friends, family and people in need. They need to include that in their show....the good that people do with it. If they ruin it for people like me to get coupons, then they ruin it for ALOT of people who cant get them at all. Or for the people I give stuff too and help out. Like shelters. KWIM?