Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3/20 Inserts Shipping & Staff News AND Request, Please

I feel like I have lots to say here - bear with me please.

The 3/20 Inserts are due to ship NLT Tuesday - Possibly Monday again. I have added the paypal buttons for those who want to purchase in advance. The 3/20 RP preview has been posted and the 3/20 SS is usually up by Friday's (sometimes Thursdays)

Also - WE HAVE A STAFF NOW! wuuhuuu.

I am still the go-to person if you have questions and such...but,

My Mom (aka Nanny) has joined as a shipper. When I am at work, she will be at the house to help me ship. So instead of me staying up til 1 am Sunday and Monday nights getting orders done, she is there to do the shipping on Mondays and the last few Stragglers on Tuesdays before heading home. Of course I am talking about the new weekly orders. You can still order anytime during the week for past inserts and I will take care of those myself.

Alicia is joining me as my savings lady. Alicia will be out there in the "net world" finding more deals to share with all of us.  Alicia is a mom of 3 and will be doing this in her "spare time".

I will create a Staff Page so you can see our B.E.A.U.tiful mugs and know more about us.

Also, Please feel free to share your savings stories with us. Just email me a photo and a discription and how you want your name posted and I will add it to the blog so you can "brag" about weekly savings trips you make.

Okay - I think I am done. Thanks for reading and being a part of my new exciting blog world.  I hope I can provide additional savings information for everyone.

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