Thursday, February 24, 2011

Making Money On Ebay

Some of you might think - what do I need with so many inserts? I only need one or two coupnes from each one. (referring to the fact that I sell inserts in sets of 5) 

Here is a good tip - when you buy 2 sets of inserts, 5 RP and 5 SS, you take all of the extra coupons and cut them up.  You then make 4 or 5 envelopes with 100 mixed coupons.  You don't want doubles so you can use coupons from previous inserts to make the 100 total.  These sell usually from $2 to $5 on ebay.  This is a good way to make back money you spent on the inserts. 

Good tips though so you dont get bad remarks and people stop buying from you are:

1) make sure the coupons have plenty of time before they expire, and;

2) make sure you have about 60/65 % food and 40/35% other coupons.

This might help you to justify purchasing whole inserts.

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