Monday, February 28, 2011

Information Regarding "Standing Orders" & "Monthly"

Basically if you want to be a standing order we do it one of two ways.

1) I mark you down as receiving them each week. You dont buy them from the blog...just send the payment to paypal when we confirm each week. This guarantees you that they wont be sold out. If you skip two weeks without paying for them or letting me know you want to combine two weeks, then I take you off standing order and you have to take your chances and get them from the blog.

2) You make a lump sum payment....$50 for one set of each insert each week and $70 for two sets of each insert each week. You get your inserts automatically mailed to you and I send an updated weekly on how much you have left to spend in your account.

ie...if you get one set a week of each. The week of 3/6 there will be the 2/27 PG, 3/6 RP and 3/6 SS. 3 inserts = $13.03 for that week.

$50 deposit
Minus $13.03
$36.97 balance to carry over to the 3/13 weekend.

I ship from Pittsburgh and they USUALLY take 2 days. If you are in CA, TX, WA, OR, AK they can take 3 days.

Standing order shipments are scheduled for the Tuesday after the insert comes out....sometimes I get lucky (like this week) and can ship them on Monday.

Any questions, please dont hesitate to ask.


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