Thursday, July 8, 2010


I finally have a count of some May/June inserts to give away lower than my cost. These will still be sold in sets.

So instead of $2.30 for One Lot, these will be $1.75 per lot. OR IF someone take a full box of them, I will get rid of them for $1.00 a lot. Postage stays the same. This will have to be paid for by tomorrow so that I can get them in Saturday's mail.

May 16th (SOLD OUT) & 23rd Inserts - 20 lots available of each.
June 6th (No P&G), 13th & 20th - 40 lots available each

Shipping is as flows:

One Lot is $2.92
2 - 4 Lots is $4.95 (Flat rate envelope)
5 - 6 Lots is $9.95
(If the inserts are too big for an envelope and I put it in a box, I pay the difference.)
7- 15 lots is $10.90 (Flat rate box)
16 - 25 lots is $14.50 (Large Flat rate box)

This is first come first serve. Please confirm with me that I did not sell out before sending payment. I dont want there to be any credits owed to you or inserts owed to you when I come back on July 25th. I would like to start fresh.


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