Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mailing Delay

I found out my supplier had a family emergency last week and will only be mailing my inserts tomorrow. I will not get out the 6/13 inserts until either Wed or Thurs of this week instead of Tuesday. If you need to adjust your order, I understand but PLEASE confirm with me. IF I dont hear from you by Late Tonight(I am off tomorrow and will be compiling my lists and getting envelopes ready) I will assume my standing order people want the same amount OR I will assume what you already have confirmed with me is what you still want. Sorry for any inconveniences, I only found this out myself just a little bit ago. I am at the airport and traveling home. Talk to ya'll later.

If you need to adjust your orders - PLEASE put the word UPDATE in the subject line of the email. Thanks.




  1. Im good Kim, these things happen, I totally understand. I've paid you for the regular standing order for 1 lot of SS and 1 lot of RP.

    Thank you for letting us know,